Brenham, Texas

May 23, 2015

Judge: Will Pearson

Junior Doe Show – 12 entries

Birth to 4 months


1st place birth to 4 months

4 - 7 months
1st- Whiteoak-Bend Flan- Lanell Lindell
2nd- Whiteoak-Bend Frickles- Lanell Lindell

1st place 4 to 7 months

7 - 12 months
1st- Whiteoak-Bend Stripes – LaNell Lindell

1st place 7 to 12 months

12-18 months
1st- OK Corral LRB Mackie Angelcake- Barbie-Page Sutter
2nd- Whiteoak-Bend Eucelyptus – LaNell Lindell
3rd- Whey-To-Go Emerald Elite- LaNell Lindell
4th- Patteran Liano’s Endora- Susan Crenshaw
5th- Patteran Liano’s Esmeralda- Susan Crenshaw
6th- ? Eowyn ? Susan Crenshaw

1st place 12-18 months &
Grand Champion

2nd place 12-18 months & Reserve Grand Champion

Jr. Get of Sire: Whey-To-Go English Cisco (no photo provided)

Breeder’s Trio: Whiteoak Bend (no photo provided)

Senior Doe Show – 18 entries

under 2 years (6)

1st place Sundown Farm Irish Mist Lisa Odwyer
2nd place Texas T Style Cipher Dutchess

2-3 yr. olds (7)

1st place Briar-Bay FF Doris Day  Charlie Currer******Res. GCH
2nd place Browenstone Lot’s Of Bling Charlie Currer

3-4 yrs. Old (2)

1st place Briar-Bay FF Botox Lisa Odwyer
2nd place Briar-Bay WL Ramblin’ Rose


5 Years and over

1st place Companeros Kojack Spook LaNell Lindell ********GCH

1st Place Aged Doe, Grand Champion and Best of Breed

Champion Challenge:

1st place Companeros Kojack Spook LaNell Linderll
2nd place Briar-Bay Spit Reggae Gay Bottoms
3rd place Texas T Cajole’s Carnation Pat Thornton

1st Place Aged Doe, Grand Champion and Best of Breed


1st Place Best Three Females: Brownstone Farm


Best Udder: Briar-Bay FF Doris Day
Charlie Currer

1st Place Dairy Herd – Brownstone Farm

1st Place Dam & One Daughter: Sundown Farm

1st Place Dam & Two Daughters: Texas T

Sr. Get of Sire: Companeros Foxy Frosty…Briar Bay & Brownstone Farm