Mid Ohio Dairy Goat Association
May 10-11 2013

1st Best 3 Jr. Does – Kirk Hubbard

2nd Best 3 Jr. Does-Russell James Gebhart

Jr. Champion – McQuitty Farm Demi – Bill Woodward

Jr. Reserve Champion – Hoanbu CMP Cerry Apple – Holly Buroker

1sr Jr. Get of Sire  Russell – James Gebhart

1st Best 3 Jr. Does – Kirk Hubbard

2nd Best 3 Jr. Does – Russell James Gebhart

Sr. Grand Champion, Best of Breed – Best Doe in Show – McQuitty Farm Delaney – Bill Woodward

Sr. Reserve Champion – SG Snowflake Tristin’s Polly – Robin Saum

1st Senior Get of Sire – Araby Farm X-More – Robin Saum

1st Produce of Sam – Snowflake Little Penelope – Robin Saum

2nd produce of dam – Bill Woodward

1st Dam & Daughter – Bill Woodward

2nd Dam & Daughter – Robin Saum

3rd Dam & Daughter Kirk Hubbard

1st Breeders Trio – Robin Saum

2nd Breeders Trio – Kirk Hubbard

1st Dairy Herd – Robin Saum

2nd Dairy Herd – Kirk Hubbard

1st Best Udder – McQuitty Farm Delaney – Bill Woodard

2nd Best Udder – Snowflake Tristin’s Polly – Robin Saum


3rd Best Udder – Snowflake Martha Maria l.

Reserve Champion Buck Cherry Land Klause – Regina & Steve Bauscher

Grand Champion Buck and Best of Breed 3XG Saanens Lightning Bolt – Russell James Gephart
Congratulations and thank you to District IV for a great show!