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December 2015

NSBA Proudly Presents Members in the Top Ten for 2014

SGCH Lion’s Gate WMV Afganistan 7*M
2011 3-01 305 6080 255/4.2% 193/3.2%





SGCH Lion’s Gate Anna Belle 5*M
5-00 278 4090 145/3.5% 124/3.0%
2014 7th Butterfat, 6th Protein
SGCH Lion’s Gate Light To Asia 7*M
2-08 304 4470 185/4.1% 136/3.0%
2014 3rd Milk, 2nd Butterfat, 2nd Protein

Hello, I am Charity Green of Lion’s Gate Dairy. I became interested in dairy goats 15 years ago, being involved in 4-H with my children. I struggled with buying animals and breeding at first until a few kind goat owners and judges helped with advice. I dove hard into genetics and my feeding program trying to find out exactly how my animals were deficient. During these years of showing, I realized I could never achieve top show honors in the nation due to the politics involved and how objective the judges were in the show ring. After much discouragement, I shifted my focus to production. That was the one thing I had to be recognized for even without a top name, big herd, or lots of money. I developed my own feed mixture and tricks that helped production and increased butterfat. This and good genetics helped two of my does achieve top production and top butterfat for each of their top producing years. I have since decided to semi-retire and turn most of my top animals over to my daughter, Angela Williams, but maintain a few animals for milk and enjoyment. I have sincerely enjoyed my years and animals.

WOW!! Holding 1/3 of the 45 available positions in the Top Ten for Saanens and Recorded Grade Saanens is Caprikorn Farm - Owners/breeders Scott Hoyman and Alice Orzechowski.

SG Caprikorn Zeppo Alex 10*M (with Scott Hoyman)
3-07 305 4270 133/3.1% 125/2.9% 2014 #6 Milk, #4 Protein

GCH Caprikorn Unknown Bilex 10*M

3-00 305 3740 129/3.4% 116/3.1%
2014 Recorded Grade #1 Milk, #1 Bft, #1 Pro

SGCH Caprikorn Wealth Extort 2*M
6-10 305 3560 115/3.2% 95/2.7%
2014 Recorded Grade #2 Milk, #2, Bft, #2 Pro

Not Pictured:
SG Caprikorn Zecret Cumin 3*M
2-00 305 4350 124/2.9% 125/2.9% 2014 #5 Milk, #4 Protein

SG Caprikorn RV Zuni 1*M bred y Caprikorn Farm, owned by Joann Horst
5-00 298 4700 126/2.7% 134/3.4% 2014 #2 Milk, #3 Protein

SG Caprikorn Unknown Conuska 12*M 1-11 305 3160 98/2.5% 91/2.9%
2014 Recorded Grade Saanen #3 Milk, #3 Butterfat, #3 Protein

Snowflake Martha Maria I 3*M
2014 2-00 305 4170 86/2.1% 116/2.8% 2014 10th Milk

Robin Saum & Family, Snowflake herd

The Snowflake herd name originally came from my grandmother who had a herd of Saanens as well.   We have been actively breeding Saanens since 1991.   We take advance of production testing, linear appraisal, and DNA testing. Most of the herd has DNA typing along with Casein allele testing.  Many of our animals carry the B casein allele, and Martha Maria has 2 daughters in the herd with the B allele.  We have had a doe in the Top Ten for the last 3 years and we highly value productivity along type. 

Whey-To-Go Peaches’ Pizzazz 1*M
3-09 305 4900 150/3.1% 135/2.8%
2014 Experimental #1 Milk, #2 Bft, #1 Pro

Whey-To-Go Titania’s Trillium 2*M
3-01 305 4840 189/3.9% 140/2.9%
2014 1st Milk, 1st Butterfat, 1st Protein

Show Quality Goats that Milk! Whey-to-Go Saanens strives to breed dairy goats that are very productive, have good health and longevity, and are competitive in the show ring. Located in the mountains of North Idaho, we continue to breed for consistent excellence in these areas and are always so pleased when our goats perform well in other herds and help them to forward their breeding goals. We enjoy our beautiful white girls’ sweet personalities and generous natures. Please visit us at www.copper-penny-ranch.com to see the herd and our future breeding plans. We welcome phone calls and love to talk “goats”.


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